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2014 Season

A Year in Review

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning and The Nuts take the crown

Coach Peter Mactavish took on all comers this season, and had what it took to prevail. The Nuts finished off 2014 with a 143.96 to 117.26 victory over The Scullys, giving them a 13 - 3 final record. The Nuts' good standing can be attributed, in part, to their running backs, who ranked 4th in the league.

When it came to running backs however, nobody had a better group than Rosies Riders, who got 40.82 points per game out of the position. Meanwhile, Coaches Carey and Carey Belyea could only dream about good running back play this year, as Team 12's running backs were the worst in the league, coming up with only 16.66 points per game. Doug Martin shares a big part of the blame for that lackluster group's performance, averaging 7.3 points in his five starts for Team 12 this year.

Turning our attention to the draft, it's clear that Coach Luc Richard hit it out of the park with their first three picks. They picked up Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, and Rob Gronkowski, who put up better production than any other team's top picks (+217.3 Points vs. Position Average). Coach Kevin Currier was the mirror image of Coach Richard. Their first three picks were Cam Newton, Eddie Lacy, and Toby Gerhart. Ouch.

Lights Out! could sure use the first pick in next year's draft, as they wound up at 3 - 12, good for the worst record in the league. They were let down by Knile Davis, Markus Wheaton, and Bishop Sankey, who collectively finished 97.1 points below their positional averages while in the starting lineup.

All in all, there were injuries, surprise standouts and smart waiver moves that certainly made for an exciting race to the finish. And while The Nuts may be holding on tightly to their title as Ares Fantasy Football League champion until next year, Fantasy Football doesn't have to be over just yet! Playoff Challenge offers one more chance for everyone to compete for a victory (and a cash prize) this postseason!

It Couldn't Be Worse

Key Stat: Average Team Points per Game (reg. season): 111.2 Lights Out! Points (reg. season): 99.7

There's always next year for Coach Mike Newman. Lights Out! wound up tied with Team 12 for last place with a record of 3 - 12. The unimpressive finish was partially due to Lights Out!'s 10th ranked wide receivers.

Enjoy the Show

Key Stat: Getting to watch Odell Beckham

Turn Down for Watt might not have had the most enjoyable season in the standings, but at least they got to watch Odell Beckham. Beckham had a fantastic season numbers-wise for a rookie wide receiver, but of course his season will forever be definied by "the catch". Highlights like that helped him put up a total of 226.3 points.

Knowing the Role

Key Stat: Average Quarterback Points Per Game: 25.1 Andrew Luck Points Per Game Started: 30.5

Duke Fukem leaned on Andrew Luck all year, as he was the league's best quarterback, scoring 459 points. Luck's best game came in week 13, when he put up 46.5 points in leading Duke Fukem to victory over Rosies Riders. In part because of his efforts, Duke Fukem wrapped up the regular season tied for having the 2nd best record at 9 - 4.

Rod Marinelli Award

Key Stat: Average Coach's Points: -1.2 Coach Dan Leslie's Points: -53.8

Coach Leslie has plenty of decisions to regret after their lineup choices left them as the worst gameday coach in the league. They sure distributed those lost points well however, as they never cost their team a game with their decisions. Kardiac Kids 2010 Champ wound up tied for 7th place during the regular season with a 5 - 8 record.

Second Fiddle

Key Stat: The Scullys: 117.26 The Nuts: 143.96

The Scullys came so close and yet were so far, winding up in second place. Their season closed with the sour note of a playoff loss to The Nuts, but overall they did well enough to end up with an 11 - 5 record. The Scullys' good standing can be attributed, in part, to their running backs, who ranked 3rd in the league.

Nobody Does It Better

Key Stat: The Nuts: 143.96 The Scullys: 117.26

'There can be only one.' This season, that was The Nuts. They finished off 2014 with a 143.96 to 117.26 victory over The Scullys, giving them a 13 - 3 final record. Antonio Gates contributed 24.7 points in the big win.

Falling Down

Key Stat: Points Per Game Weeks 1 - 7: 107.4 Points Per Game Weeks 8 - 15: 85.2

Back in week seven, Team 12 were in contention to win the title, tied for 4th place. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as they fell all the way to 11th place to finish the season with a record of 3 - 10. They were let down by Eric Decker, Russell Wilson, and Vincent Jackson, who collectively finished 94 points below their positional averages while in the starting lineup.

Easy Pickings

Key Stat: Average Points Scored per Game: 111.2 Meat Toques Opponents per Game: 100.6

All year long, opponents kindly rolled out the red carpet for Coach Mike Kindellan and Meat Toques. They had 100.6 points per game scored against them during the regular season, which was fewer than any other team. The easy schedule takes a bit of the shine off Meat Toques' 9 - 5 record.

You've Got a 'Tell'

Key Stat: Record When Justin Tucker Overperforms: 4 - 1 Record When Justin Tucker Underperforms: 2 - 6

There was no better indicator of Woodstock Marauders' fortunes this year than the performance of Justin Tucker. Woodstock Marauders looked unstoppable when Tucker topped his projections, and hopeless when he didn't. Coach Jason Windsor could have used a lot more good efforts from Tucker, as they closed the season at 7 - 7.


Key Stat: Average RB Points/Week: 28.1 Rosies Riders RB Points/Week: 40.8

Rosies Riders got big efforts from their running backs, who put up a best-in-the-league 40.82 points per game. DeMarco Murray was the key member of that stalwart corps, scoring 303 points for Rosies Riders this season. Rosies Riders ran their way to a 9 - 4 regular season record.

Got Our Number

Key Stat: Full tilt full time: 132.8 points The Nuts: 253.5 points

Full tilt full time didn't have a great year, and part of that can be blamed on The Nuts. Full tilt full time faced The Nuts two times, and The Nuts ended up winning both games. The cumulative margin of defeat, at 120.8 points, represents the largest spread between any two teams this year.

Ares Championship

Place Team
🥇 The Nuts
🥈 The Scullys
🥉 Rosies Riders

League Records

Record Team Value
Most Points Scored, Season The Scullys 1781.0
Least Points Scored, Season Team 12 1262.3
Most Points Allowed, Season Lights Out! 1581.4
Least Points Allowed, Season Meat Toques 1308.2
Highest Average Game Score, Season The Scullys 137.00
Lowest Average Game Score, Season Team 12 97.10
Most Points Scored, Game The Scullys 181.3500
Least Points Scored, Game Full tilt full time 45.5000
Most Points Allowed, Game THE WHIPPER 181.3500
Least Points Allowed, Game The Nuts 45.5000
Highest Winning Percentage, Season The Nuts 0.769
Lowest Winning Percentage, Season Lights Out! 0.154
Most Wins, Season The Nuts 10
Least Wins, Season Lights Out! 2
Best Margin of Victory, Game The Scullys 98.31
Worst Margin of Defeat, Game Kardiac Kids 2010 Champ -98.31
Best Average Point Differential, Season The Scullys 27.09
Worst Average Point Differential, Season Lights Out! -22.14
Longest Winning Streak, Season The Nuts 9
Longest Losing Streak, Season Team 12 8
Best Power Ranking, Season The Nuts 34
Worst Power Ranking, Season Team 12 4.5
Most High Week Scores, Season The Scullys 5

Final Standings

East Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
The Nuts 10 3 0 0.769 1653.3 1322.2 3
The Scullys 9 4 0 0.692 1781.0 1428.8 5
Woodstock Marauders 7 6 0 0.538 1383.8 1413.9 1
THE WHIPPER 5 8 0 0.385 1412.2 1512.1 1
Full tilt full time 5 8 0 0.385 1313.4 1454.1 0
Team 12 3 10 0 0.231 1262.3 1454.1 0

West Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
Rosies Riders 9 4 0 0.692 1548.8 1415.1 1
Duke Fukem 9 4 0 0.692 1484.4 1468.3 1
Meat Toques 9 4 0 0.692 1433.3 1308.2 0
Pigskin Wizards 5 8 0 0.385 1396.1 1427.0 0
Kardiac Kids 2010 Champ 5 8 0 0.385 1375.9 1552.9 1
Lights Out! 2 11 0 0.154 1293.6 1581.4 0

Playoff Bracket

2014 Playoff Bracket