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2020 Season

A Year in Review

Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara and Pigskin Wizards take the crown

When it is all said and done, Coach Jason Ferguson will have the bragging rights for this entire offseason. Pigskin Wizards finished off 2020 with a 138.75 to 136.45 victory over Kardiac Kids, giving them a 12 - 3 final record. Alvin Kamara contributed 54.7 points in the big win.

On the coaching front, Coach Carey Belyea stood out as the best decision-maker this year. His lineup moves gave his squad 34 more points than the experts would have. That was 167.6 points better than Coach Neil Norton, who was the worst coach in the league. He cost his team wins in two different games, including a week 13 loss where his decisions were 39 points worse than the experts that week.

Coach Greg Watson also had trouble coaching, and the results sure showed. THE WHIPPER wound up at 4 - 9, good for the worst record in the league. THE WHIPPER were let down by DeVante Parker, J.K. Dobbins, and Le'Veon Bell, who collectively finished 125.8 points below their positional averages while in the starting lineup.

Second Fiddle

Key Stat: Kardiac Kids: 136.45 Pigskin Wizards: 138.75

Kardiac Kids came so close and yet were so far, winding up in second place. Their season closed with the sour note of a playoff loss to Pigskin Wizards, but overall they did well enough to end up with a 10 - 5 record. Coach Dan Leslie had a hand in the impressive record, since they were the 3rd best gameday coach in the league.

Falling Down

Key Stat for THE WHIPPER: Points Per Game Weeks 1 - 7: 101.6 Points Per Game Weeks 8 - 13: 91.1

Back in week seven, THE WHIPPER were in contention to win the title, tied for 3rd place. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, as they fell all the way to 12th place to finish the season with a record of 4 - 9. Coach Greg Watson can only blame themselves as they forgot to set their lineup 7 times this season.

Following the Script

Key Stat for Rosies Riders: Record Vs. Above 0.500 Teams: 1 - 3 Record Vs. Below 0.500 Teams: 6 - 3

Rosies Riders mopped up the bottom dwellers in the league, but struggled big time against top competition. Their mastery over bottom dwellers ended up being enough to give them a 7 - 6 regular season record. Rosies Riders' good standing can also be attributed, in part, to their running backs, who ranked 2nd in the league.

Mirror Mirror

Key Stat for CJ2K: Record When Julio Jones Overperforms: 4 - 0 Record When Julio Jones Underperforms: 1 - 4

It was pretty simple, if Julio Jones had a good game CJ2K weren't losing. CJ2K looked unstoppable when Jones topped his projections, and hopeless when he didn't. Coach Vedran Radojevic could have used a lot more good efforts from Jones, as they closed the season at 7 - 9.

Worst In Show

Key Stat for Id rather be LuckY: Average Tight End Points Per Game: 8.6 Evan Engram Points Per Game Started: 6.4

Id rather be LuckY were held back by Evan Engram, who did more to damage his team's chances than any other tight end. While in Id rather be LuckY's starting lineup, Engram fell 27.8 points short of the average tight end. Engram's worst game came in week one, when he couldn't do any better than 1.9 points in a losing effort versus CJ2K. The bad performance of Engram helps explain why Id rather be LuckY wound up tied for the 2nd worst regular season record in the league at 5 - 8.

Hot Streak

Key Stat: Decepticons Regular Season Wins: 7 Decepticons Wins During weeks 6-11: 5

As Coach Stephane looks back on the season, he will no doubt fondly remember weeks 6 to 11 when Decepticons looked like world-beaters. They went 5 - 1 over that happy stretch. Patrick Mahomes was the key, going 32.1 points over his positional average during that span. Decepticons wrapped up the regular season tied for having the 3rd best record at 7 - 5.


Key Stat: Rockland Bruisers: 285 points Kardiac Kids: 448.4 points

Rockland Bruisers did well this year, but that success sure didn't apply wh

en they played Kardiac Kids. They played Kardiac Kids three times, and Kardiac Kids ended up winning each game. The cumulative margin of defeat, at 163.4 points, represents the largest spread between any two teams this year.

Bringing Out the Worst In Others

Key Stat: Average Points Scored per Game: 108.3 DaKozyBears Opponents per Game: 97.8

All year long, opponents kindly rolled out the red carpet for Coach David Kossatz and DaKozyBears. They had 97.8 points per game scored against them during the regular season, which was fewer than any other team. Despite that, DaKozyBears wound up tied for 6th place during the regular season with a 6 - 7 record.

Is that Bill Belichick?

Key Stat: Average Coach's Points: -33.4 Coach Carey Belyea's Points: 34

Coach Belyea can hang his hat on the fact that he was the best gameday coach in the league. He didn't distribute those extra points very well however, as he never gave his team a win with his decisions. Overall, It Ertz when Eifert finished in 10th place during the regular season with a record of 5 - 8.

Nobody Does It Better

Key Stat: Pigskin Wizards: 138.75 Kardiac Kids: 136.45

'There can be only one.' This season, that was Pigskin Wizards. They finished off 2020 with a 138.75 to 136.45 victory over Kardiac Kids, giving them a 12 - 3 final record. Coach Jason Ferguson can thank Alvin Kamara for that, as he poured in 54.7 points.

Everyone on the Level

Key Stat: CapCity Dragoons Top 3 Players PPA: 83.8 CapCity Dragoons 4-6 Players PPA: 34.6

It was all for one and one for all with CapCity Dragoons this season, as they ended up with the most balanced lineup in the league. Unfortunately, this was more due to their top players not doing so well. Christian McCaffrey, Mike Evans, and Dallas Goedert posted 83.8 Points Vs Positional Average (PPA) while in the starting lineup this year, one of the worst marks in the league. Their next three best players, Mike Davis, Trey Burton, and Younghoe Koo, finished up at +34.6 PPA.

Throw That Clipboard

Key Stat: Average Coach's Points: -33.4 Coach Neil Norton's Points: -133.6

Coach Norton has plenty of decisions to regret after his lineup choices left him as the worst gameday coach in the league. He cost his team wins in two different games, including a week 13 loss where his decisions were 39 points worse than the experts that week. For the season, Urine Trouble finished with a 6 - 7 regular season record, good for 6th place.

Ares Championship

Place Team
🥇 Pigskin Wizards
🥈 Kardiac Kids
🥉 Rockland Bruisers

League Records

Record Team Value
Most Points Scored, Season Pigskin Wizards 1629.8
Least Points Scored, Season DaKozyBears 1249.5
Most Points Allowed, Season THE WHIPPER 1495.4
Least Points Allowed, Season Kardiac Kids 1229.7
Highest Average Game Score, Season Pigskin Wizards 135.82
Lowest Average Game Score, Season DaKozyBears 96.12
Most Points Scored, Game Kardiac Kids 170.1000
Least Points Scored, Game DaKozyBears 42.6000
Most Points Allowed, Game Rockland Bruisers 170.1000
Least Points Allowed, Game CapCity Dragoons 42.6000
Highest Winning Percentage, Season Pigskin Wizards 0.750
Lowest Winning Percentage, Season THE WHIPPER 0.308
Most Wins, Season Pigskin Wizards 9
Least Wins, Season THE WHIPPER 4
Best Margin of Victory, Game Kardiac Kids 82.15
Worst Margin of Defeat, Game Rockland Bruisers -82.15
Best Average Point Differential, Season Pigskin Wizards 21.07
Worst Average Point Differential, Season THE WHIPPER -18.27
Longest Winning Streak, Season Pigskin Wizards 8
Longest Losing Streak, Season THE WHIPPER 7
Best Power Ranking, Season Pigskin Wizards 36
Worst Power Ranking, Season THE WHIPPER 4
Most High Week Scores, Season Pigskin Wizards 5

Final Standings

East Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
CJ2K 6 7 0 0.462 1413.4 1326.8 1
CapCity Dragoons 6 7 0 0.462 1343.0 1380.6 0
DaKozyBears 6 7 0 0.462 1249.5 1270.2 1
Id rather be LuckY 5 8 0 0.385 1361.0 1432.2 0
It Ertz when Eifert 5 8 0 0.385 1349.0 1475.1 2
THE WHIPPER 4 9 0 0.308 1257.9 1495.4 0

West Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
Pigskin Wizards 9 3 0 0.750 1629.8 1377.0 5
Kardiac Kids 8 4 0 0.667 1420.2 1229.7 1
Decepticons 7 5 0 0.583 1356.1 1354.2 0
Rockland Bruisers 7 5 0 0.583 1308.5 1331.1 0
Rosies Riders 7 6 0 0.538 1463.9 1401.6 3
Urine Trouble 6 7 0 0.462 1306.9 1385.4 0

Playoff Bracket

2020 Playoff Bracket