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League Champions by Year

Year 🥇 1st Place 🥈 2nd Place 🥉 3rd Place Commissioner
2009 Rum Runner Chargin' Chodas The Nuts Peter MacTavish
2010 Kardiac Kids Rum Runner The Labourers Peter MacTavish
2011 Team 12 Rosies Riders The Nuts Peter MacTavish
2012 Rosies Riders The Scullys Reach Around Peter MacTavish
2013 Rosies Riders Kardiac Kids Team 12 Peter MacTavish
2014 The Nuts The Scullys Rosies Riders Luc Richard
2015 The Nuts Pigskin Wizards Kardiac Kids Luc Richard
2016 CapCity Dragoons Team 12 Kardiac Kids Luc Richard
2017 The Scullys CapCity Dragoons BIG Forte Inch Ditka Luc Richard
2018 Rosies Riders The Scullys THE WHIPPER Luc Richard
2019 CJ2K Dirty Hippies Rosies Riders Luc Richard
2020 Pigskin Wizards Kardiac Kids Rockland Bruisers Luc Richard
2021 Kardiac Kids 2K Rockland Eagles Luc Richard
2022 Eddie Brocks /
Rock-Vegas Baby1
Eddie Brocks /
Rock-Vegas Baby1
Rockland Eagles Luc Richard
2023 Gibb Me a Break Urine Trouble Fields of Dreams Jason Ferguson

  1. The 2022 Ares Championship ended in a tie, as the matches were cancelled following a heart-related event involving Damar Hamlin.