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2017 Season

A Year in Review

Golden Group

Key Stat: Average RB Points/Week: 29 The Scullys RB Points/Week: 38.1

The Scullys got big efforts from their running backs, who put up a best-in-the-league 38.14 points per game. Leonard Fournette was the key member of that stalwart corps, scoring 196.6 points for The Scullys this season. The Scullys ran their way to a 9 - 4 regular season record.

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Key Stat: Average Team Lucky Wins: 0.5 Kicked in the Nuts Lucky Wins: 3

Four leaf clovers? Horseshoes? Kicked in the Nuts must have had some sort of good luck charm working wonders en route to amassing three lucky wins, which were the most in the league. The luckiest of these wins came back in week 10, when Kicked in the Nuts managed to beat Rockland Bruisers despite only scoring 88.4 points. Kicked in the Nuts wrapped up the regular season tied for having the 2nd best record at 8 - 5.


Key Stat: Pigskin Wizards: 271.7 points Dirty Hippies: 125.4 points

Pigskin Wizards did well this year, but never looked as good as when they played Dirty Hippies. They played Dirty Hippies two times, and ended up winning both games easily. The cumulative margin of victory, at 146.3 points, represents the largest spread between any two teams this year.

Season Spoiler

Key Stat for It Ertz when Eifert: Record Vs. Above 0.500 Teams: 7 - 1 Record Vs. Below 0.500 Teams: 1 - 4

Coach Carey Belyea must be scratching his head as they beat the league's top teams and lost to the bottom feeders. It Ertz when Eifert's topsy-turvy results ended up working out ok for them, as they wound up with an 8 - 5 regular season record. It Ertz when Eifert were led by Rob Gronkowski, Stephen Gostkowski, and Larry Fitzgerald, who collectively finished 112.2 points above their positional averages while in the starting lineup.

Knowing the Role

Key Stat for CapCity Dragoons: Average Wide Receiver Points Per Game: 11 Antonio Brown Points Per Game Started: 18.7

CapCity Dragoons leaned on Antonio Brown all year, as he was the league's best wide receiver, scoring 262.2 points. Brown's best game came in week 11, when he put up 38.3 points in leading CapCity Dragoons to victory over Salt Water Cowboys. In part because of his efforts, CapCity Dragoons finished up tied for the 4th best regular season record in the league at 7 - 6.

Everyone on the Level

Key Stat: Dirty Hippies Top 3 Players PPA: 39 Dirty Hippies 4-6 Players PPA: 14.5

It was all for one and one for all with Dirty Hippies this season, as they ended up with the most balanced lineup in the league. Unfortunately, this was more due to their top players not doing so well. Demarcus Lawrence, Michael Thomas, and Evan Engram posted 39 Points Vs Positional Average (PPA) while in the starting lineup this year, one of the worst marks in the league. Their next three best players, Carlos Hyde, Jameis Winston, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, finished up at +14.5 PPA.

Mirror Mirror

Key Stat for Rockland Bruisers: Record When LeSean McCoy Overperforms: 5 - 0 Record When LeSean McCoy Underperforms: 0 - 4

It was pretty simple, if LeSean McCoy had a good game Rockland Bruisers weren't losing. Rockland Bruisers looked unstoppable when McCoy topped his projections, and hopeless when he didn't. Coach Roger Matchett got enough good efforts from McCoy to wind up at 8 - 7.

Following the Script

Key Stat for Rosies Riders: Record Vs. Above 0.500 Teams: 1 - 7 Record Vs. Below 0.500 Teams: 3 - 2

Rosies Riders mopped up the bottom dwellers in the league, but struggled big time against top competition. Their inability to come through in tough games doomed them to a 4 - 9 regular season record. Their disappointing record certainly cannot be blamed on a lack of good coaching as Coach Brent rose was the best coach in the league.

Shuffling the Deck

Key Stat: Average Number of Starters: 27.3 Kardiac Kids Starters: 34

Like a fashionista picking out shoes or an oenophile picking a fine wine, Coach Dan Leslie just could not decide who to start from day to day. Kardiac Kids had more starters than any other team, putting 34 different players into the lineup over the course of the regular season. Despite that coaching performance, Kardiac Kids wound up tied for 8th place during the regular season with a 6 - 7 record.

Literally the Worst

Key Stat for Salt Water Cowboys: Average Quarterback Points Per Game: 24 Matt Ryan Points Per Game Started: 19

Matt Ryan stunk it up so badly that Salt Water Cowboys will have to shower all off season to get off the stink. Ryan was the worst player in the league, scoring 51.9 points less than the average quarterback while in the starting lineup. Ryan's worst game came in week 13, when he couldn't do any better than 8.8 points in a losing effort versus Dirty Hippies. Overall, Salt Water Cowboys finished in 8th place during the regular season with a record of 6 - 7.

You're Not Helping

Key Stat: Average Coach's Points: 9.7 Coach Greg Watson's Points: -31.6

Coach Watson have plenty of decisions to regret after their lineup choices left them as the worst gameday coach in the league. They sure distributed those lost points well however, as they never cost their team a game with their decisions. THE WHIPPER finished the regular season with a 3 - 10 record.

Ares Championship

Place Team
🥇 The Scullys
🥈 CapCity Dragoons
🥉 BIG Forte Inch Ditka

League Records

Record Team Value
Most Points Scored, Season The Scullys 1559.8
Least Points Scored, Season THE WHIPPER 1228.2
Most Points Allowed, Season THE WHIPPER 1557.7
Least Points Allowed, Season BIG Forte Inch Ditka 1232.2
Highest Average Game Score, Season The Scullys 119.98
Lowest Average Game Score, Season THE WHIPPER 94.48
Most Points Scored, Game The Scullys 178.65
Least Points Scored, Game Dirty Hippies 54.75
Most Points Allowed, Game THE WHIPPER 178.65
Least Points Allowed, Game Pigskin Wizards 54.75
Highest Winning Percentage, Season The Scullys 0.692
Lowest Winning Percentage, Season THE WHIPPER 0.231
Most Wins, Season The Scullys 9
Least Wins, Season THE WHIPPER 3
Best Margin of Victory, Game The Scullys 91.95
Worst Margin of Defeat, Game THE WHIPPER -91.95
Best Average Point Differential, Season The Scullys 14.92
Worst Average Point Differential, Season THE WHIPPER -25.35
Longest Winning Streak, Season The Scullys 5
Longest Losing Streak, Season THE WHIPPER 6
Best Power Ranking, Season The Scullys 34.5
Worst Power Ranking, Season THE WHIPPER 3
Most High Week Scores, Season The Scullys 5

Final Standings

East Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
The Scullys 9 4 0 0.692 1559.8 1365.8 5
It Ertz when Eifert 8 5 0 0.615 1355.2 1380.2 1
Kicked in the Nuts 8 5 0 0.615 1321.4 1360.0 1
CapCity Dragoons 7 6 0 0.538 1494.0 1462.6 1
BIG Forte Inch Ditka 7 6 0 0.538 1315.8 1232.2 0
THE WHIPPER 3 10 0 0.231 1228.2 1557.7 0

West Division

Team W L T PCT PF PA Wks
Pigskin Wizards 7 6 0 0.538 1466.5 1274.5 2
Dirty Hippies 7 6 0 0.538 1249.2 1374.2 0
Salt Water Cowboys 6 7 0 0.462 1357.2 1392.2 0
Rockland Bruisers 6 7 0 0.462 1354.5 1363.5 2
Kardiac Kids 6 7 0 0.462 1352.3 1374.7 0
Rosies Riders 4 9 0 0.308 1494.4 1410.8 1

Playoff Bracket

2017 Playoff Bracket